Mexican Watercraft Insurance

Mexico has some of the best sport-fishing in the world. If you own your own boat, you will definitely want to consider towing your boat into Mexico.

Mexican Watercraft Liability Insurance

Before going, make sure to read about boating in Mexico and fishing permits.

There are two parts to Mexican Insurance for watercraft

1) Insuring the boat while you are towing it down to Mexico.

2) Insuring your liability exposure relating to your boat while on Mexican waters.

To address these different needs:

Mexican Auto Insurance covers boats while being towed by your vehicle on the way to and from your destination in Mexico. We also provide Mexico Watercraft liability Insurance for your power boat, jet-ski sailboat or even yacht for the time you are in Mexican waters.

Insuring your boat in Mexico can be a complicated and somewhat confusing process but we have made every effort to make buying Mexican Watercraft Insurance as easy as possible. Simply obtain a quote from our online Mexico Watercraft Insurance system. Once you obtain your quote, you can select the coverage level that best suites your needs to buy your Mexico Watercraft Insurance policy and then print your Mexican Watercraft Insurance before you leave for Mexico.

Mexican Boat Insurance provides:
Mexican liability coverage for all your boats from the smallest jet-ski, power boats, sailboats up to large yachts.
Due to the nature of the risk and likely possible loss the split limit approach works well for Mexican Boat Insurance.
Limits available range from $25,000 to $250,000 per person for bodily injury.
Based on the potential size of claims and low rates we strongly suggest buying the highest limits you can. Mexican boat Insurance provide you with really inexpensive peace of mind.

Mexico Boat Insurance - Hull Coverage - ** Please Note **
Other brokers offer hull coverage in Mexico but its almost always cheaper to extend or validate that Mexico is covered as part of the territorial scope of your US boat policy. This can be done at little or no cost. So you are better off not buying Hull Insurance as part of your Mexican Watercraft Insurance.
Please make sure to check the hull coverage on your local boat policy. In that way with your Boat will be properly protected when on the water in Mexico.

Legal Assistance and Bond Coverage
Our Mexican boat insurance policies also include $20,000 in legal assistance and bond protection to help you in the event of a claim.

Mexico Watercraft Insurance
Mexican Watercraft Insurance Policy Flexibility

When purchasing your Mexican Watercraft Insurance policy, people often relate their liability limit to the vehicle value but in reality you have to consider your maximum potential loss. Our rates are based on vessel size and other factors, so as is to be expected, high limits for small vessels are not too expensive and well worth considering. That is why we always suggest you buy the highest limits available for your vessel so as to provide you with for the maximum protection in the event of a claim. For your powerboat, jet-ski sailboat or even yacht that best suits your needs.

Mexico Watercraft insurance policies are offered on a daily basis or annual terms.

Price is primarily based on two factors:

  • Number of days.
  • Type of watercraft.

Based on this we have prepared the following sample prices to give you an idea of what to expect from our quoting system. Your final pricing will be customized to your individual needs.

Example Mexico Watercraft Insurance Pricing
Bodily Injury Liability per Person
Bodily Injury Liability per Accident
Property Damage Liability per Accident


Personal Watercraft 8 feet 7 days  $53.75 $78.69
    1 year $210.00 $315.45
Sail Boat 18 feet 7 days $34.50 $48.46
    1 year $135.00 $197.70
Power Boat 23 feet 7 days $46.75 $67.70
    1 year $175.00 $260.50
Yacht 36 feet 7 days $101.00 $152.87
    1 year $355.00 $543.10

* For sample purposes, your pricing will be subject to your individual details and are subject to change without notice.

To review our Mexican Boat Insurance see the terms and conditions.

Based on pricing examples above, it can it is clear that substantially higher limits are available for only small increases in price. The extra cost is well worth it in terms of reduced worry about your potential exposure.

As it is so important, please remember to add boat and trailer to your Mexican Auto Insurance:

  • To cover watercraft and trailer while being it is towed. Forgetting to do so may void your Mexican Auto Insurance in the event of a claim!
  • Coverage is available for Liability only or Liability and for Physical Damage or Theft of the watercraft.
  • This coverage is only valid while the boat is attached to the towing vehicle, it is not valid while the boat is detached or while the boat is the water.

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July 1, 2014
Higher Mexican liability limits required

Increased 3rd party liability for accidents deaths benefits in Mexico, this applies to all people, if they cause a death, so make sure to buy adequate insurance limits on your: Mexican Auto Insurance, Mexican Watercraft Insurance and Mexican Homeowners Insurance.

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