Mexican RV Insurance

Mexican RV Insurance

Going to be RVing in Mexico, we've got you covered!

Mexican RV Insurance is a specially designed Mexican Auto Insurance tailored for the higher values of your motorhome, trailer and 5th Wheel. These special limits are available for either stand alone motor homes or a combination of your trailer and towing unit.

Due to these higher values, the Deluxe coverage's special fixed deductibles are really important to avoid the sting of Mexico's famous 5 & 10% percent deductibles.

Only driving to Baja, Consider Baja RV Insurance or Baja Auto Insurance. Take advantage of available savings by limiting the territory of your Mexican Insurance to Baja. Other than that, Baja Insurance is the same as Mexican Insurance.


Do I need to buy Physical Damage coverage when I buy Mexican RV Insurance?

Check your U.S RV insurance to see if it has physical damage and theft insurance for your RV while traveling in Mexico.

If it does, do you want to damage your relationship with your US insurer in case of a claim in Mexico? It might be worth buying Mexican RV insurance just to protect your great record with your American insurer in the case of an unexpected claim in Mexico.

If your RV insurance does not insure physical damage in Mexico, then the answer is obvious.

Please make sure you avoid getting caught without any insurance in Mexico at the time of a loss in Mexico.

In the case of Canadians, it is very highly unlikely that your Canadian insurance provides physical damage insurance in Mexico, so make sure to buy full Mexican RV Insurance for your motorhome or trainer.

Special savings for Canadian's, with Ace's Deluxe cover, you can take advantage of the Lay-over program and ask your provincial insurer's to suspend your policy while you are in Mexico. See your local provincial insurers for more details on potential savings for while you are in Mexico.

More information for American clients on available Lay-over provisions available soon.

Mexican RV Insurance has been adapted for driving your RV in Mexico to insure higher value RV's * :


Vehicle Type Vehicle Value Limits
RVs $300,000
RVs with a Trailer $300,000


* Mexican insurance company limits change from time to time without notice. The quoting system contains the most up to date limits available by insurer.

You must list Towed Units on your Mexican RV Insurance while driving in Mexico for two reasons:

  • In the event of a claims your policy may be voided and your claim be denied if you don't including Towed Units.
  • You will not have any Mexican third party liability coverage for damage caused by those Towed Units or accessories not listed on your on your Mexico Motor Home Insurance.

To add physical damage or theft coverage for your Towed Units input the value of those units as part of customizing your quotation.

Extend standard Mexican RV Insurance coverage by buying a deluxe policy. Please see Policies Options Compared and Sample Pricing for an idea of what to expect when obtaining your quotation. Also, see policy terms & conditions for a brief description of the various coverages available in your policy.

Worried about RVing in Mexico. See this great YouTube clip of RVers enjoying their time in Mexico.  They will tell you how safe and easy it really is!



Enjoy RVing in Mexico.

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