Mexican Motorcycle Insurance

Skip the lines & buy Mexican Motorcycle Insurance online. Its' like your very own shortcut to the open roads of Baja / Mexico by Motorcycle! Try the quickest and easiest system online. Get a specially Mexican Auto Insurance to insure Motorcycles in Mexico & Baja.

Why do you need Mexico Motorcycle Insurance? It is simple, its the Law! You need Motorcycle Insurance in Mexico to drive your motorcycle on any Mexican public road.

Driving a motorcycle in Mexico is easy but you have to understand a few simple rules:

  • If you drive your motorcycle in Mexico, you are required to buy Mexico motorcycle insurance.
  • If you towed a motorcycle to Mexico, once off / disconnected from the towing vehicle, you must buy a separate Mexican motorcycle insurance policy.
Mexican Motorcycle Insurance

To be properly insured, while towing in Mexico, your motorcycle must be add to your Baja Auto Insurance / Mexican Auto Insurance.


  • Buy Third Party Liability Only. - This does not cover physical damage to a motorcycle but it covers your liability to others in case you have an accident while towing the motorcycle in Mexico.
  • Buy both Third Party Liability & Physical Damage Insurance. - To cover your third party liability and damage to your motorcycle while being towed.

To add your towed motorcycle on your main Mexican Auto Insurance, simply:

  1. Add it as a separate item in the main vehicle quotation process.
  2. To buy physical damage insurance Include its value on the application form, if desired.
  3. Buy the policy.

When buying Baja Motorcycle Insurance / Mexican motorcycle insurance either on a stand alone basis or while towing it to Mexico, the insurance can be customized to meet your needs.

Don't miss out on industry leading capacity to insure even the most valuable Motorcycles up to $30,000 with Physical Damage and Theft insurance.

Policies Options Compared and Sample Pricing provide an indication of what to expect in your Mexican motorcycle insurance quotation.

Also, see terms & conditions for a brief explanation of the various coverages available in your policy.


Please note:

  • Mexican motorcycle insurance excludes Medical Payments coverage. So, make sure you have adequate travel medical coverage through your employer's plan or have bought a separate policy.
  • Not listing a towed unit on your Mexican insurance, 1) it could void coverage on your primary vehicle and 2) you or your property may not be covered in the event of a loss.
  • Without a separate Mexican policy for your towed bike once its disconnected, your motorcycle is uninsured. If stopped by the police or you are involved in an accident you will likely be taken directly to jail.

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