DriveMex Mobile Print Pickup Locations

You are responsible for printing your Mexican Insurance, so if you are already on the road to Mexico and need a way to print your Mexican Insurance, we have highlighted a number of potential locations where you could have the insurance printed and then you can pick it up on the way.

These locations are at typically at large chain stores that provide office supplies, coping, printing and fax printing. They typically charge a small fee per page but this makes the whole process a lot easier than having to go home to print the insurance or worrying that the Mexican Police will not accept the electronic policy on your phone as proof of insurance.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to buy your Mexican Auto Insurance with your mobile device while your on the road to Mexico.

We have created 4 Google maps with pins on the to show you the locations of these print locations. Select the state your driving through to find a print location. For example if you are driving from California to Mexico, click on California.


To be extra safe, please call ahead & confirm:

  1. Fax number (** put this number into system when buying your Mexican Car Insurance and it should be ready when you get there.)
  2. Address
  3. Business Hours


Arizona California  Texas  New Mexico


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*  When picking up your policy, please remember the store is only printing your Mexico Car Insurance, they are not insurance brokers!


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