Mexican Home Insurance Coverage

Why do I need it and what does it cover?

Mexican Home Insurance is very similar to your traditional USA or Canadian Homeowners policy.  The following are just some highlights of what is covered:

If you rent out your home or condo, we also include Renter’s Liability insurance at no additional charge. Traditional Mexican Home insurance either exclude Renters Liability insurance altogether or charge a substantial additional premium for it.

What is covered:

Property Coverage: are proud to be able to provide broad coverage, easy to understand deductibles and world class service.
Both Replacement Cost and Actual Cash Value settlement limits are offered as options.

Liability Coverage:
Coverage for Third party lawsuits brought against you for incidents that occur on your premises to be very similar to the coverage you enjoy in the USA or Canada.

Flood, Wind, Earthquake:
Available as an option on all of the Drivemex Mexican Home Insurance policies, we provide better conditions and much lower out of pocket deductibles and co pays than the typical, historic local Mexico Home insurance offers.

Policy Conditions: is proud that it is able to provide Mexican Home insurance that have been written in a way that is very much like your USA or Canadian Home insurance.

Covers the Replacement Cost of the main structure of your Home and you can also cover carports, guesthouses, etc.

Other Structures:
Covers your other detached structures, such as Garages, Pool Rooms, Cabanas, Equipment Rooms, etc., all with the option to insure them at their Replacement Cost.

Personal Property:
Your personal belongings will be covered anywhere in Mexico. Property owned by your guests or employees will also be covered at your residence. Once again, you have the option to insure your Personal Property at Replacement Cost, vs. the traditional Actual Cash Value loss settlement.

Automatic Mexican Home Insurance coverage:
Theft coverage up to 20% of your content limits for unscheduled property such as furnishings, appliances, and Audio and Video equipment.
Certain valuable property, such as money, securities, jewelry, fine arts, sporting equipment and property used for business purposes, up to special limits.
Plus the option to increase limits for Scheduled Personal Property (by listing any of your more valuable property under the Schedule of Valuable Property Section).

Tailor made coverage options available including:

the very broad "Special" or
"Open Perils" concept used in the United States, which means that all losses will be covered, unless they are specifically listed as excluded under the policy:

Loss of Use or Rental Income:
You will be covered for your additional living expenses and optionally for the loss of rental income if your home is involved in a covered property loss.

Mexican Liability:
DrivMex allows you to select limits of liability up to $ 1,000,000 (USD) to protect you and your family members for any lawsuits or demands presented against you anywhere in Mexico.

Renters Liability Coverage:
If you rent out your home or condo, we also include Renter’s Liability coverage at no additional charge. Traditional Mexico Home policies either exclude Renters Liability coverage altogether or charge a substantial additional premium for it.

Medical Payments to Others:
In order to reduce potential lawsuits you will be automatically entitled to spend up to $1,000 in necessary medical expenses for third parties or for your residence employees, for injuries that may be caused by you, a family member or residence employees, or even your family pet, anywhere in Mexico.

Home Insurance in Mexico Catastrophic Coverage"
Mexican Home Insurance - Catastrophic Coverage (for Earthquake & Volcanic Eruption, Hurricane, Cyclone, Windstorm & Hailstorm, Flood and Tidal Waves & Tsunamis)
Optional Catastrophe coverage to insure your dwellings, personal property, loss of use and scheduled valuables against losses due to any of the above catastrophic losses.
Coverage is available after the deductible and your co-pay share of every loss; ACE has the solid financial ratings to ensure that in the event of a natural catastrophe, all of its policyholders will receive the payments, which are promised by the contract.
Options to reduce your deductibles and co-payments on these risks!
Policies are underwritten by ACE Seguros, a subsidiary of The ACE Group. ACEh has a physical presence in 53 countries, and commercial and individual customers in more than 170 countries


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