Mexico Insurance Company Statistics

Mexico Tourist Auto Insurance Insurance Company Statistics and Rankings

Is your Mexican Insurance Company:

  • Reputable?
  • Financially Secure?
  • Sufficiently experienced with this product?
  • Sufficiently staffed to have people available to assist you with your claim?

It is natural to simply rely on your insurance broker and forget to check the Mexican Insurance Company.  You don't have to be an MBA or an insurance specialist, you simply have to do some digging to make sure you are comfortable with the insurance company your broker is suggesting you buy your Mexican Insurance from. A good place to start is to check their A.M. Best rating.  Then look at their relative size in total premiums and Mexican auto insurance premiums. Then ask around or see if you can find anything about them. What are they like to deal with etc.  Ultimately you want to make sure they have:

  • Good customer service and support in the event you have a claim.
  • The ability to pay if you unfortunately have a claim.

It is important to purchase insurance from a financially strong insurer in Mexico. No matter how you like your broker, if they are suggesting you buy your insurance with a troubled insurer you could be in for some unpleasant surprises in the event of a claim. There are over 50 Mexican Insurance Companies in Mexico; similar to the U.S. and Canada, "some are good and some are bad." Please check out the Mexico tourist auto statistics  to protect yourself and your investment.

Please note, that although a number of Mexican Insurers are owned by American or multinational insurance groups their Mexican Insurance Company will  independently of the its parent company in the U.S. or otherwise. So a Mexican Insurance subsidiary may not live up to what you have come to expect back in the U.S. or Canada.

2013 Mexico Auto Insurance Statistics
Analysis of Written Premium & Loss Ratio
No. Company 2013 Premium 2013 Loss Ratio 2013 % of Market AM Best Rating Footnotes
1 ACE Seguros $12,459,413 31.96% 23.49% A+ (Secure, Superior) A
2 Qualitas $11,614,367 37.09% 21.90% B (Vulnerable, Fair) A
3 G.N.P. $6,811,636 29.79% 12.84% A- (Secure, Excellent)  
4 Mapfre Tepeyac $5,028,260 49.25% 9.48% A- (Secure, Excellent)  
5 HDI Seguros $4,447,467 41.21% 8.39% A (Secure,Excellent)  
6 ANA $2,992,153 33.29% 5.64% Not Rated  
7 AIG Seguros $2,181,285 29.81% 4.11% A (Secure, Excellent)  
8 AXA Seguros $1,944,625 40.50% 3.67% A (Secure,Excellent)  
9 Aba/Seguros $1,873,133 34.00% 3.53% A+ (Secure, Superior) B
10 Atlas $1,292,184 32.00% 2.44% Not Rated  
11 El Potosi $860,411 31.54% 1.62% Not Rated  
12 General de Seguros $750,978 20.57% 1.42% Not Rated  
13 Royal & Sunalliance $353,226 44.42% 0.67% Not Rated  
14 Zurich Daños $327,671 40.31% 0.62% A+ (Secure, Superior)  
15 Inbursa $70,473 35.21% 0.13% Not Rated  
16 Banorte Generali $18,500 0.00% 0.03% Not Rated  
17 Tokio Marine $5,252 0.00% 0.01% Not Rated  
TOTAL GENERAL $53,031,035 35.21% 100%    
A Figures for these insurers may also include Northbound Tourist Auto insurance premium and losses.
B Recently acquired by ACE Seguros.
AM Best Notes: To protect our affiliates and customers, Drivemex DO NOT represent companies who have not yet applied for an AM Best Rating, or have a stable, rated Parent. Ratings reflected here denote rating of insurer, or insurer's parent company as of March 2013. Unrated insurers can apply to have their financial condition review at any time via
Source: AMIS Currency: USD

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