Mexico Auto Insurance - FAQs

Basic Questions
  1. Why to buy from us?
    • Fast - Print your Insurance in minutes!
    • Simply - Our online system is simple and easy to use, we automated the most important system’s sections, such as the verification of your zip code and vehicle’s identification number.
    • Quality - All the Mexican insurance companies we represent are the most financially secure and all of the best insurance companies in the cross-border industry.
    • Secure - works under security systems SSL to keep your information secure. In case of any eventuality, our personnel with more than 10 years of experience in Mexico tourist insurance will help you to resolve your issues.
    • Convenience - You could plan your trip better without going out of your home. We suggest getting your Insurance and permits before your trip to avoid possible problems. We could get you informed about custom permits and general information for your trip.
    • Economical - You could get better prices, when you don’t need an insurance assistant to create your Insurance because additional charges to issue the policy.
  2. Why do I need a Mexican Auto Insurance
    • Mexican law says that your insurance coverage must be from a company licensed under the laws of Mexico. When you go across the border with your vehicle, you subject yourself to the traffic laws of the neighbor country. For that reason you must secure coverage from a Mexican insurance company for your trip in case you come across an eventuality.
  3. Can I use my US insurance for my trip to Mexico?
    • No, your USA insurance company is probably licensed to sell insurance to cover vehicles inside the USA territory only. A few of them will offer coverage for a few miles beyond the border and for a limited number of days. For that reason you must get a Mexican insurance for your trip to Mexico.
  4. Should I buy the insurance at the border or in Mexico?
    • We don't recommend you buy auto insurance when you arrive at the border or in Mexico for various reasons. One, if your vehicle is financed your temporary import permit might be denied (temporary import permit) if you don't show a letter from the financing company authorizing you to take the vehicle to Mexico. To get the letter of authorization from your USA financing company you need to show them your proof of insurance. Second, you won't be losing precious time from your vacations to buy insurance
    • Can you tell me about the Mexican insurance providers?
    • All the Mexican insurance companies we represent have excellent or superior ratings that Standards & Poor’s© and A.M Best Company© have assigned to them or their parent companies around the world. In our system, on the page where you see all quotes from all providers you will have the option to click on a link to see recent rating information for that company.
    • The system will show various companies options depending on the limits and vehicle type forthwith you are obtaining a quote. The biggest and prestigious Mexican insurance companies are:
    • ACE Seguros
    • GNP - Grupo Nacional Provincial
  5. How much does Mexican insurance cost?
    • The cost is calculated taking into consideration the number of days of coverage, cost and type of vehicle and other details and they differ by provider. However, remember that depending on how long your trip is, it might cost you less to buy six months or one year instead of a daily insurance. In any case the system, with several different providers, will show you all quotes available showing the difference in cost and tailored to your situation.
    • Note: The DriveMex system doesn’t ask for any ID to prove that the user is 21 years old, however, by asking for a quote the user declares that he/she is 21 years old. If the driver is younger than 21 years he/she will have to contact contact us.
  6. Is my credit card information secure on your site?
    • Yes, absolutely! The site provides SSL security - all transactions on the site are secure. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology is the industry-standard protocol for secure, online communications.

Insurance Questions

  1. What is liability only?
    • Liability is the legal minimum coverage required to cover your civil responsibility in case of an accident. Liability coverage includes indemnity for property damage and personal injury for people different from those riding in your vehicle. Liability only does not cover injuries or property losses of people traveling in the insured vehicle.
  2. How many events does my insurance cover?
    • The policy will pay all events during the time in-force caused by collision, total theft as well as third party liability, medical expenses and legal assistance, as long as the deductible(s) are paid for each event.
    • The coverage for roadside assistance will vary depending on the Insurance Company. Depending on the Insurance Company that you selected the number of covered events for roadside assistance will vary from 1 to 3 events per policy. If you purchase a short term insurance (not annual policy) you could be covered for just one event; or if you purchase an annual policy, you may be covered for 2 or 3 events during the policy’s time in-force.

Before Buying

  1. How much liability insurance I need on my trip to Mexico?
    • The liability limits required in Mexico differ by Mexican states. Also, some states may allow the judge set the damages in a case depending on the circumstances. In comparable cases in Mexico and USA Mexican liability awards are lower,so limits required are also lower than those in the USA. The minimum liability limit is $50,000 but the cost to buy-up to $300,000 to $500,000 is so small we strongly suggest you consider $300,000 to $500,000.
    • Confirm with your vehicle's creditors to verify what limits they require on your Mexican Insurance.
  2. How do I get insurance for my rental car?
    • Some rental companies will let you take a car from the USA into Mexico. Check with your car rental company of choice before renting and then buy a Mexican insurance in the same was as if you owned the vehicle but you must put their name on the insurance as the insured.
  3. What if I need additional days of insurance?
    • No problem, simply log onto the system and purchase a policy for the additional number of days you need.
  4. Do I need to insure the trailer, boat, or other vehicle towed with my main insured vehicle?
    • You can choose to insure other vehicles or additional units you are pulling or carrying by the main vehicle to be covered by insurance. The system gives you the option to insure towed units on the same policy while being pulled/carried by the main vehicle. The base insurance coverage only provides liability insurance, if the unit has been added to the policy, if you also want physical damage for this unit, while being towed, you must provide the value of this towed unit as part of the quotation process.
  5. Do I need to name each driver on the policy?
    • No, you must name the title holder / the owner of the vehicle.
    • Note: If the owner or title holder is not riding with you, carry a letter signed by the owner authorizing you to drive the vehicle to Mexico (If the owner of the vehicle is a company, you could register the company’s name where the system is asking for the names of additional insured drivers)

What are some important things to know before my trip?

  • In order to introduce an automobile with license plates different to those of Mexico, it is necessary to have a provisional importation permit or license. The permit can be obtained at any branch of BANJERCITO
  • For more information on requirements please visit our web page Driving Into 'Real' Mexico?
Provisional Importation Permit to Mexico
Manual of Tourist Entry by Mexico's Secretariat of Tourism (English & Spanish) **go to Provisional Importation of Vehicle's
Mexican Customs (Spanish)
USA Embassy in Mexico
Guía en Español para su Viaje a Mexico (Spanish)
Driving in Mexico:
Make sure your registration and driver's license are valid. Your vehicle can be impounded if these are not current.
Purchase Mexican insurance.
Make two copies of your Mexican insurance certificate; one to keep on your person and one to keep in the vehicle.
Make a copy of your vehicle registration and keep the copy in your vehicle and the original on your person. In case the vehicle is stolen, it will facilitate proving ownership.
Driving & Safety Tips:
Traffic violation laws vary from state to state.
Speed limits are stated in kilometers (1 mile = 1.6 kilometers).
Yellow lights are a signal to stop, not just to slow down.
You can get a fine for taking a right turn on a red traffic light although you will see many drivers doing it anyway.
In many cases, the "fast lane" is a passing lane only. You should move over into the slow lane once you pass someone.
Lanes can merge much quicker (with not much time to merge).
Construction sights can come upon you suddenly with little warning.
Using a cell phone while driving is a traffic violation.
Watch for cross walks, in many areas pedestrians have the right-of-way.
Driving boundaries or "comfort zones" are smaller, people will drive closer.
Keep your distance from the vehicle in front of you as many times the brake lights do not work.
Vigilance on the road is necessary to avoid animals, people, and other obstacles.
It is wise to avoid driving at night.

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