Mexico 5th Wheel Insurance

Mexican 5th wheel Insurance is covered on a specially designed Mexican Auto Insurance that has been tailored to your special needs.

DriveMex has built up a great deal of Mexico RV Insurance capacity over the years and can insure everything from the smallest pop-up trailers, campers and 5th wheels, all of which are treated as towed units and so to obtain Mexican 5th Wheel Insurance it must be added to your primary Mexican Auto Insurance to be covered while driving in Mexico.

While we have the capacity to insure luxury 5th wheels, if you live in the southern US states, it is worthwhile to see if your domestic insurance cover's physical damage for Mexican driving. While we would be pleased to sell you Mexican 5th wheel insurance physical damage insurance for driving in Mexico, if you already have it, you can save some money by not purchasing it as part of your Mexico 5th wheel insurance.

Before driving your RV in Mexico, it is very important to check your policy thoroughly to confirm this impression because you do not want to be involved in an accident and find out the physical damage or theft is not covered by your U.S. policy.

In the case of Canadians, your Canadian insurance is very unlikely to insure physical damage while driving Mexico, so make sure to buy full Mexican motor home insurance coverage.

Mexican 5th wheel insurance

In order to assist you in the likely event your U.S. or Canadian RV policy does not cover physical damage to and theft of your RV while Mexican driving, we have worked very hard with insurers to develop a Mexico motor home insurance to cover the much higher 5th wheel vehicle values * :

To meet your Mexico 5th wheel insurance needs we can provide maximum Physical Damage and Theft Insurance, as follows:

Vehicle Type Vehicle Value Limits
Truck towing a 5th wheel trailer: $99,000 plus
The 5th wheel trailer being towed:      $201,000     
Total: $300,000


* Mexican insurance company 5th-Wheel limits change from time to time without notice. The system will advise you if your vehicle is within the vehicle value limits available for Mexico 5th wheel insurance. If you have any concerns, please contact us for more information.

  • For third party liability coverage on your Mexican motor home insurance for all Towed Units or accessories those Towed Units or accessories must be listed on your Mexican RV Insurance even if you do not wish to insure them for physical damage or theft.
  • To add physical damage or theft coverage for your Towed Units or accessories input the value of those units as part of the quotation process.

Customize your Mexican 5th-Wheel insurance so it best fits your needs

Extend standard Mexican 5th Wheel Insurance coverage by buying a deluxe policy.

Also, see terms & conditions for a brief explanation of the various coverages available in your policy.

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