Why Buying From Us


DriveMex.com is a leading provider of insurance for U.S. and Canadian citizens visiting or living in Mexico. We have been leading the Mexico Insurance market Since 2001. During this time, we have offered some of the best issuance systems in the insurance market, issued tens of thousands of policies, and put together a great customer services team. Our system is very simple to use, and our customers enjoy the ease of use, time savings, and quality insurance coverage that we provide for Mexico. If you need support while you are online our experienced and knowledgeable team can help you with your Mexico insurance questions as you complete your application online.

As you use our system, please spend time reading the “More Info” button, and carefully review coverage on our Quote Results page. We are also happy to work with your trusted US or Canadian Insurance agent to help you feel more comfortable buying our policy. Feel free to have your agent call us on your behalf.


Our Mexico insurance products best in class coverage, terms and conditions available in the market. We strive to offer policies that read as closely as possible to standard U.S. and Canadian Policies.

Many consumers believe they can save a few dollars when they purchase inferior policy in the Mexico market. This may be the case; however, cutting corners and buying cheap insurance is likely cheap for a reason. Be careful when you come across cheap alternatives.

What is a high quality insurance product without a high quality insurance company? Our insurance company partners are highly regarded Mexican Insurer and are top rated by A.M. Best.


While our products provide the best coverage in the market, we understand the realities of budgets. Consequently, our systems are flexible enough to allow you to choose the coverage you need and feel comfortable paying for. While we do not recommend buying insurance solely on price, the flexibility of our systems and programs allow you to match the coverage and price to your needs.


Our online systems offer an incredible level of convenience. In addition to allowing you to purchase your Mexico insurance from the comfort of your home, your Mexican Insurance policy data and documents are immediately available to you, and your lender/trustee in USA, Canada or Mexico as applicable. Meaning you can have all your necessary insurance documents in hand in a matter of minutes.


Experienced claims service staff and adjusters available to help you with your claims. See the information on our partners for more details.


All transactions are encrypted and your credit card data is held strictly confidential. Click to view our Mexico insurance security and privacy policies.


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