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Each company's Deluxe Policy is slightly different. See Policies Options Compared for more details.

Considering the scope of the additional coverage found in Mexican Auto Insurance, everyone should strongly consider purchasing any of our Mexican Insurer's Deluxe Policy extension. This extension make Mexican Insurance act a lot more like what you would expect from your American auto insurance plus a number of add-on that you don't even find in the US. For example the roadside assistance and travel assistance features. To help you we have listed many of the added benefits of the Deluxe policy extension below.

In general terms the following are the types of changes between the standard level policy and the deluxe level policy:

  • Increased limits for Civil Liability

$50,000 and 100,000 limits are automatically increased to company specific minimums and in some cases, even larger limits are available through deluxe policies.

  • Increased limits for Medical Expenses For Occupants

Are accomplished either by increasing per person and per accident limits or by going to a combined single limit.

These increases also apply to an accident with an at fault uninsured/under-insured driver.

To obtain higher limits you must buy a supplemental stand alone international medical/travel insurance coverage.

  • Waiver of Deductible on accidents caused by at fault Third Parties

If you are involved in an accident in which an uninsured third party is at fault as determined by the legal authorities, and you sustain damage to your vehicle, we will pay for damages to your vehicle and waive your deductible.

  • Increased limits for Guaranteed Bond and Legal Assistance.
  • Travel Assistance

The insurance company provides some Mexico auto insurance coverage for Towing, other expenses, and Travel Assistance. For a much broader Travel Assistance coverage please choose one of our quote options including MexVisit® Assistance.

  • Fixed deductible of $500 on Collision

For Collision, turnover, and other related coverage.

  • Fixed deductible of $1,000 on Total Theft
  • Increased allowed Cost of Repair

To pay a higher rate per hour for repairs made in the USA, rather than lower Mexican labor rates.

From experience, in the event of a problem or a claim, these added features have always made the experience much better than without! So we strongly suggest you consider upgrading to Mexican Auto Insurers Deluxe Policy on your purchase.

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