Customizing Mexican Auto Insurance to Meet Your Needs

The flexibility to match customers, their vehicles, with the best product for their needs

Products availability and features designed for every type of vehicle based on:

  1. Type of vehicle - we can insure anything from a motorcycle up to a large motorhome.
  2. Liability limits selected - although you may save a few dollars by buying low limits, the extra cost of higher limits is so low its hard to justify not buying the highest limits available.
  3. Term of coverage desired: daily, in six month and annual. For more than 14 days consider a 6 month policy and 20 days consider an annual policy.
  4. Vehicle value. Also the value of towed units. Values are based on the actual cash value, not replacment cost. *
  5. Flexible Motorcycle Insurance for Mexico
  6. Business usage. This is possible with most insures but there may be a surcharge.
  7. Drivers under 21. This is possible with most insures but there may be a surcharge.
  8. Consider the Extended Deluxe Policies. Just like with extended liability limits, the increased cost for the increased coverage & flexibility of the Deluxe Policies are well worht considering.
    1. To purchase “Fixed Deductibles”.
    2. To purchase Vandalism coverage
    3. To purchase Partial Theft coverage.
    4. All Repairs and Claims can be settled in USA or Canada.
    5. MexVisit for Deluxe Travel, Legal and Roadside Assistance
    6. Increased Liability limits.
    7. Increased Medical Payments cover.
    8. Increased flexibility in deductible coverage.

* If you have towed units be sure to buy insurance for them separately on their own policy as coverage under main policy is not applicable as soon as they are disconnected from the main vehicle.

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