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The purpose of this web page is to bring Mexican Insurance to Americans and Canadians.


Our mission is to:


  • Maximize customer peace of mind.
  • Enable out customers to be as informed as possible.
  • Provide resource for customer to discover their risks and determine the most cost effective way possible to protect themselves appropriately.
  • Provide compelling product offerings to address customers needs.
  • Only provide customers Mexican Insurance products from reputable and reliable Mexican insurers.
  • Provide an easy to use online interface for customers to obtain a quote, print their policy before their first trip to Mexico and then renew their policy/policies every year.


Common Issues:

  • Did not receive your policy by email: This is one of the most common questions is about receiving your policy by email.  If you do not seem to have received you policy by email, check your spam blocker. Its more than likely there! It does not happen often but it depends on how you have your email setup. No worries, simply transfer it to your inbox and your ready to go!
  • Cancelling your policy before the inception date: Simply login to the system with your email address and password you set when you bought your policy and cancel your policy.
  • Rental Car Insurance for cars rented In Mexico: We do not provide this cover. Sorry.


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