Avoid Tricks & Cheats when Buy Mexican Insurance


Avoid tricks, traps and being cheated.

We are sorry to have to do this but from time to time asked about the differences in price between our Mexican Insurance Companies products and others. To be thorough we inquire about the insurance company or insurance broker/agent we are being compared against and we look at what on offer. Time and again we come across the same issues. Ultimately it comes back to the same thing.

There is no such thing as cheap Mexican insurance.

If its cheap, its for a reason!

You might like the price but what is missing that enabled that broker to provide you with that Cheap Mexico Insurance?

  • Simplified websites that seem to have figured out how to take out all the overwhelming / excessive details of insurance. Actually they may be hiding something from you.
  • Cheap Mexico Insurance quotes based on:
    • Undisclosed deleted coverage.
    • Deleted coverage disclosed without context or explanation.
    • Undisclosed reduced levels of coverage.
  • Cheap Mexican Insurance quotes based on:
    • Hiding reduced levels of coverage until very end of purchasing process.
    • Undisclosed or hiding add-on fees to the end of the process.
  • Cheap Mexico Insurance quotes based on:
    • Insurers with questionable financial strength that may not be able to pay your claim.
  • Cheap Mexican Insurance quotes based on:
    • Insurers with poor service.
    • Insurers with inadequate network of adjusters to respond quickly in the event you have a claim.
Being cheated
  • Cheap Mexico Insurance quotes based on:
    • From brokers who intentionally provide a cheap quote to get your money because they do not intend on send the insurer their premiums.
    • Prior to the creation of our online quote and policy issuance system, it was estimated that over 50% of Mexican Insurance policy premiums did not get to insurers!

The best defense
  • The best defense against all these threats is to do research.
  • Be forcible about asking the tough questions.
  • Don't tolerate being quoted one amount and then finding out there are extra costs on the end that they did not tell you about when they gave you their quote.
  • Make sure you know as much as you can about the products and companies you are working with before you buy.
  • And remember, there is no such thing as Cheap Mexican Insurance if you want to be protected properly, you are best served by fairly priced insurance. 


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