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News Release to All current and former clients of


DriveMex is please to announce the initial mobile enabled maps to help its clients to find DriveMex Policy Pickup Locations.

Our initial map is temporary and will be replaced by a permanent map directly on our site. In the meantime Mobile customers are asked to visit our Google+ page and clicking DriveMex Policy Pickup Locations. This map is mobile ready and has locations listed in California, Arizona and Texas.

Unfortunately, this map does not list individual location fax numbers but it can be confirmed when clients call ahead to confirm location and business hours.

Clients are responsible for printing their own policies. This is very easy to do at home or work where you have a printer connected to your computer but for obvious reasons, its impossible if you are buying your policy with your mobile while already on your way to Mexico. So we developed the DriveMex Policy Pickup Locations. The idea is simple, while you are buying your policy, you can enter a location to fax your policy. SO fax your policy to a location on the road ahead of you on your way to Mexico. Then pick it up and proceed on your trip to Mexico. Nothing could be easier.

Pickup locations are likely to charge a small printing fee for this service but they may waive it if you buy something else while you are in their store.; As mentioned above, it is always best to call in advance to have the correct address, fax number and that they will be open when you get their.

Have a great trip to Mexico.


Also worth noting:


News New Mexican Insurance Discounts

DriveMex's goal has always been to provide our client with comprehensive information and quality products at a reasonable price. To that end we have:

  • Added MexVisit, an optional extra cover which adds and / or extends travel assistance to that already offered on your Mexican Insurance policy by your Mexican Insurer. The pricing varies, as shows on our sample pricing page but in all cases the added cost of this option is incredibly small.
  • Added an optional 7.5% discount off of your ACE Mexican Auto Insurance pricing if you have bought an ACE Mexican Homeowners Insurance policy.
  • Added a new "Manager Your Account" menu link you directly with the policy administration system. You can now:
    • Go directly to a previously obtained quote to complete the application process and buy a policy.

    • Renew your policy for another year.

    • Cancel a policy in the even of a change in plans, prior to entering Mexico. Return to site to proceed with quote you previously obtained to complete the process and buy your policy.

  • We are also in the process or developing and adding a mobile ready map of suggested DriveMex Policy Pickup Locations. Our initial  temporary map can be accessed through our Google+ page and clicking DriveMex Policy Pickup Locations. This map is mobile ready and has locations listed in California, Arizona and Texas.

And there is so much more.

Please visit our site and consider when it comes time to buy / renew your Mexican Insurance policy.

Also please friend us on Facebook and g+ so you can find us more easily when you go to buy a Mexican Insurance Policy.

Issued by: Peter Bassel