New Company Page on LinkedIn.

DriveMex Mexican Auto Insurance - News Release have setup a new company page on LinkedIn. The page is intended to help provide a central reference for people about our site and our services. is one of the oldest sites on the internet selling Mexican Insurance.

Not only does it sell Mexican Auto Insurance but it also sells Mexican Homeowners Insurance and Mexican Watercraft Liability Insurance.

We have setup a special deal with our Mexican Homeowners Insurance company. Customers who buy Mexican Homeowners Insurance from this Mexican homeowners insurance company qualify a discount on Mexican Auto Insurance.

Yet another example of how DriveMex is working to hep you save money and get quality insurance at the same time.

To see our LinkedIn page follow the following link DriveMex



Also worth noting:

Mexico City's try to improve road safety.

Mexico City is now will require people to pass a test before issuing a drivers license. Up until now anyone could get a driver’s license if they supplied an official ID, proof of residence and a small fee.

The new law adopted on July 14th, requires new drivers to pass tests a vision test, a driving skill test and a test of the rules of the road. Drivers who are renewing their current licenses will not be required to take these tests.

The purpose of the new law is to restore the value of the driver’s license as an indicator that drivers have the rudimentary skills and ability to drive safely on the roads.

This new law is part of a comprehensive transport program signed into effect by Mexico City's Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera, and is expected to come into force in November or December.