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DriveMex's History

DriveMex.com was created and went online in 2001.

Prior to our creation, Mexican visitors were limited to having to purchase their Mexican Insurance from stalls along the roads leading to Mexico. While there were many honest hard working brokers, there were too many questionable sources. For example, you could be offered a Mexican auto insurance policy by the cashier at a gas station after you filled up, bought some drinks and snacks, for the balance of your trip, before going into Mexico! You were expected to buy the offered insurance policy with no explanation, no details and no time to research what you should be buying and what you were in fact buying.


This “cavalier” attitude even extended to the remitting of premiums to insurers. It is estimated that 25-50% of applicable premiums were not being sent to insurers. It was said that these questionable sellers had opted for the "100% commission plan"!

In the event of a claim, these questionable sellers disappeared and you found yourself without any coverage!

This situation was bad for everyone, other than those questionable sellers. You found yourself without any coverage and insurers were left to pay claims without all the premiums they should have had. Mexican Insurers had poor results leading to poor claims service.

We felt Americans and Canadians deserved more, so we started to sell Mexican insurance online. In that way, customers could visit our site, learn about their exposure, responsibilities, how they could protect themselves against those exposures and who they were insuring with.

Our online system was good for everyone. Customers could learn about available coverage options, obtain a quote and buy their policy all from the comfort of their home. At the same time the Mexican insurers could regain control over pricing, underwriting and most importantly validate that they were getting all applicable premiums. Mexican Insurers; underwriting results improved dramatically. Based on those improvements, our product offer has been improved for customers. Insurers have been willing to become more flexible with their coverages and pricing has reduced or more slowly than it would have otherwise. In turn, this has resulted in tens of thousands of happy DriveMex.com clients.as sold policies.


Our mission is to enable our customers to maximize their enjoyment of their Mexican adventures through peace of mind. To do that we strive to:

Offer as comprehensive a resource as we can so that our customers can discover their risks and responsibilities while in Mexico.

Offer extended information about activities in Mexico. In doing so, helping our customers to uncover any potential exposure they had not previously considered.

Offer our customer to explore the cost benefit of potential risk management options based on their particular needs.

Provide compelling product offerings to provide our customers the best coverage in the long term.

Select and offer products from reputable and reliable insurers to further enhance customer service and protection.

Provide an easy to use online interface for customers to obtain a quote, print their policy before their first trip to Mexico and then renew their policy/policies every year.

Selection of our Insurance Companies Partners

The following characteristics are important to us in the selection of a partner insurer:

Financial stability - So that we are confident they will be there in the event you have a claim.

Claims servicing There is nothing worse for our customers than poor claims service. If its not good for our client then it’s not good for us, so every effort is made to make sure we have best in class claims service to our customers.

Comprehensive coverage – In an effort to make sure our clients are able to buy as much coverage as they need and want.

Underwriting flexibility is a very important part of developing products to better serve our clients because it is important that the insurer is open to improving customer coverage.

Pricing – Our goal is to provide the best long term pricing for our customers. We appreciate better coverage and service can cost more but we work to produce the best balance available in the market at any given time. We make sure that we have product levels for those on limited budgets and we also do our best to offer products for our most cautious customers.

Mexican insurance is no different that many things in life, it normally better to buy the most comprehensive coverage available because the added cost for our extended products is often so little that it just does not pay to cut corners. Just like the old saying goes don’t be penny wise and pound foolish!

The Advantages of buying Insurance Online

The internet offers a very flexible platform for us to present you with many options at one time to address your needs. As you will see when you use our quote engine, we are able to provide you with quotes:

For multiple terms of coverage.

For multiple levels of coverage.

From multiple insurers.

In that way you can balance your wants, needs and preferences in determining which option best fits your needs.


In addition to auto insurance for your trip to Mexico, we can also help you protect:

Your motor-sport vehicles:

Motorcycles, ATVs, Dune Buggies

Watercraft – everything from a personal watercraft (PWC or Jet Ski), a power boat, a fishing boat, a sailboat or even a yacht.

We can also cover the trailer used to tow them to Mexico.

Your Residence: everything to a small condominium all the way up to multi-million mansions.

Our Team

As proud of our online system as we are, we are also very proud our special trained dedicated customer service representatives (“CSRs”) and their support team that is unrivaled in the industry.  We have put in a great deal of effort to provide you with resources information throughout our website and we have also have little help buttons beside every question on the online application, despite all of this, if you still have a question while you are filling out your online application, our CSRs are at the ready to help you with your questions. Often answering questions in a few minutes but if needed they are able stay on the phone with you will you complete the online process, right up to the point you pay for your policy and the system sends you a pdf of your cover note and terms and conditions.

DriveMex.Com is operated by GBI Inc.

Telephone – 1-866-367-5053

E-mail - Sales: sales@DriveMex.com




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