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Be in front of line for fastest and easiest way to enjoy your time driving in Baja or rest of Mexico buy quality Mexican insurance online from a section of reliable and secure Mexican insurance companies.

Equally as important, insurance for Mexico needs to be reasonable priced! Make Mexican Insurers compete for your business. Pick from multiple tailor made quotes from multiple Mexican Insurers to get the best insurance for your needs.

DriveMex is constantly striving to improve our products and make it easier for you to be properly insured in Mexico. Consider the recently developed innovative way to buy & print your insurance for Mexico wirelessly.

Unlike other, we're no "one trick pony"! Get all the Mexico Insurance products you could need:

  1. Mexican Auto Insurance for all your vehicles you drive to Mexico (motorcycle, car, SUV all the way up to a large motorhome).
  2. Mexican Watercraft Insurance to insure your jet-ski, boat, sailboat or all the way up to a large yacht.
  3. Mexican Homeowners Insurance to insurer your home or condo in Mexico.

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Mexican Auto Insurance

Mexican Auto Insurance


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Easily customizable Mexican Auto Insurance to meet your Mexican driving needs. Everything from the Mexican Driver's License Policies all the way up to Deluxe Cover.

Mexican Driver's License Policies or Named Driver Policies, provide the named drivers on the policy with Mexican Liability Insurance so you can drive any personal vehicle. Some think of this as cheap Mexican Insurance but its less expensive for a reason many of the more expensive coverages have been removed so that it basically only provides Mexican Auto Liability coverage for a driver. This insurance is best suited for people who drive multiple older vehicles in Mexico. Please note: This type of insurance does not include any physical damage or theft coverage!

Your security and peace of mind is important, quality Mexican insurers who offer products at great prices is important. You want your Mexican Insurer to be there when you have a claim, so don't be fooled by so called "cheap Mexican Insurance".

Driving an RV to Mexico? We have a special Mexican RV Insurance just for you. We can insure motorhomes, trailers and 5th Wheels. You can even tow a car behind your motorhome for use in Mexico when you get there. Just remember to add that car to your Mexican RV Insurance for driving into and out of Mexico and buy a separate Mexican insurance for driving in Mexico.

Driving to Mexico by Motorcycle, no problem! Try our Mexican Motorcycle Insurance designed to address your special needs. Towing your motorcycle to Mexico on a trailer, just add it on your main Mexican Car Insurance and then buy a Mexican Motorcycle Insurance to drive on Mexican public roads. Mexican Motorcycle Insurance is a little different than for autos, read more for details.

Taking / towing an ATV / Quad, a boat or Jet-ski to Mexico? Don't forget to include them in your Mexican Car Insurance or Mexican RV Insurance (see Towed Units for more details) and buy a insurance for when you are Driving in Mexico on public roads on the water in Mexico. Mexican ATV Insurance is very similar to motorcycle insurance for Mexico, see Mexican Motorcycle Insurance for details.

Please see Policies Options Compared and Sample Pricing for an idea of what to expect when obtaining your quotation.

In case there is any confusion, Baja Auto Insurance is the same as Mexican Auto Insurance except its limited to driving in Baja. In some cases, limiting the territorial scope can result in cheaper Mexican Insurance but are the savings worth the limitations? Its all a question of where you plan to go and any extra flexibility you desire. We make it easy for you to buy Baja Auto Insurance if that is what you want.

To keep things interesting from now on, we'll use the terms Baja Insurance and Mexican Insurance interchangeably just remember that Baja Insurance is limited to providing insurance in Baja.


Special Versions of our Mexico Auto Insurance

Mexican Watercraft Insurance

Driving to Mexico with a boat powerboat, sailboat or a jet-ski? We also have Mexican Watercraft Liability Insurance for the time you are on Mexican waters.

Make sure to add your boat and trailer on the Mexican car Insurance / Baja Auto Insurance. You need to do this for two reason, 1) you have no Mexican Insurance for it, if its not listed but more importantly in the event of an accident, your Mexico Insurance policy may be void because of this omission.

Going to be fishing in Mexico, remember to get a Mexican Fishing License.


Mexican Homeowners Insurance

Do you own a home in Mexico? If so, consider our Mexican Homeowners Insurance for home or Mexican Condo Insurance for your condo.

Many people are intimidated at the prospect of buying Mexican Homeowners insurance online but its really easy. Yes we need a few more details than in car insurance for Mexico but, not to worry, just go through the application process step by step any you will have your policy in no time flat.


How do I buy Mexican Insurance?

It's quick, easy and only takes a few steps:


  1. Get a Mexico Insurance quote Online. (It take less than a minute to input required information and there is help available every step of the way.)
  2. Pick your preferred insurance.
  3. Complete balance streamlined Mexican Insurance application forms.
  4. Pay by credit card.
  5. Print you Mexican Insurance.
  6. Drive to Mexico and have fun!


*** Please note *** : If you don't see your Mexican Insurance email, check your spam filter, 9 time out of 10 it there!


Fully trained and experienced team of customer service reps are standing by but we strongly suggest you consider using our online system to quote and buy your Baja Insurance / Mexican Insurance yourself. It easier to use and faster than dictating the details over the phone.

Enjoy your travels to Mexico!


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